As the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, I grew up on a multi-generational garden and farmette in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  Everyone in my family was a grower, it was just what we did. Witnessing all of my grandparents and great aunts and uncles tending the fields adjacent to our family home was the beginning of my understanding of our connection with the land.  Coming from fields of their own in Italy to the dense city of Pittsburgh, they appreciated the chance to have space to tend and harvest once more. 

From the glow of the basement full of starts in late winter to picking cherries and apples from our trees,  I was constantly immersed in nature and reveling in her glory.  Tomer’s greenhouse, just down the road from our house, always had a flat of annual flowers just for kids! It was the first plant I was ever given to care for as my own.  We hunted for teaberry and ‘Indian paintbrush’ in the neighboring field and I soon realized I was most at home in the out-of-doors.  

This Green City is the expansion and culmination of  my last 20+ years of hard work, experience, and knowledge. I recently recertified with Permaculture Design in 2019 with Susquehanna/Urban Edge Farm in Lancaster, PA and will continue my certifications in Sustainable Landcare through Phipps Conservatory. I will have completed the Sustainable Horticulture Certificate program by the end of 2021 and am looking to intentionally connect with conservation projects and create a channel of support to communities and individuals in need of assistance. 

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